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​​PIVOT is an inclusive dancewear app for BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) and larger bodied ballet dancers. There are currently very limited clothing options for these marginalized groups. In fact, most major dancewear brands don’t carry sizes above a large and didn’t cater to non-white dancers at all until a petition in 2020 pushed companies to create products with a wider range of skin tones. Dance can be a valuable outlet and provide a much needed community space for young people, but without appropriate representation or dancewear options, it sends a message that there is not a spot for these individuals within the community.


PIVOT sources dancewear from existing shops that are size and skin tone inclusive. It brings each of these shops together in one easy to navigate space. The app also includes an event section where dancers can sign up for classes, conventions, or competitions held around the US by organizations or individuals that share PIVOT’s ideals.

Role: Designer and Illustrator

Project Type: UX/UI Design


Thank you to the brands and companies used in this project including Auora Tights, Discount Dance, Capezio, Fabletics, Ms Ros Dance Closet, Bloch, Tremaine Dance Convention, Water St. Dance Festival, JUMP Dance Convention, and MOVE Dance Intensive.

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