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Alyssa is an artist and graphic designer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her B.F.A. from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in communication design with a minor in new studio practice. From a young age, Alyssa developed a passion for art and dance. She spent 18 years formally studying ballet, pointe, and contemporary dance styles. She continues to grow her love for movement through practicing dance and yoga during her free time. Alyssa is passionate about environmental issues, animals rights, and social justice movements.


Artistic Process

Alyssa adopts a surrealist artistic style. Currently, she uses mark-making on top of blended portraits to evoke a sense of emotion and add texture. Her work is inspired by personal experiences, emotions and advocacy for her passions. Alyssa enjoys learning new mediums and expanding her artistic knowledge. She is experienced in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting, and
art installation. 

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