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A project designed for the graphic designer to take on a pseudo-art director role to collaborate with other professionals in the design and photography fields to create a magazine spread.


This project is a feature in Juxtapoz magazine on local Milwaukee artist, Leah Schlageter. Leah is an experimental artist with an eye for detail and a unique approach to building and documenting miniature spaces. Juxtapoz’s playful design style harmoniously complements Leah’s art. 


The designer’s role in this project went beyond design work, including selecting professionals with whom to collaborate, choosing the magazine style, and creating a planning document for the artist’s photoshoot.

Role: Art Director, Designer

Portrait Photographer: Bailee Fox

Artist: Leah Schlageter

Project Type: Magazine Spread

Pasternak_CoverStory_R1_Designs 2.jpg
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